Product Line Information: A More In-Depth Analysis

Cleaning the Hard to CleanAquaease 2289: Clean, Deoxidize and Brighten in One Step

hubard - hall的Aquaease 2289是一种有机酸性清洁剂和增白剂. Applications include soak, ultrasonic and spray, surfaces include aluminum, copper, nickel and stainless steel alloys.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanAquaEase Infinity® Membrane Technology

AquaEase Infinity是第一个完整的清洁和膜分离技术配对在一起,延长您的清洁浴的寿命,提高清洁质量. 这个系统可以让你回收高达98%的清洁浴,而不是扔掉用过的清洁剂, which can reduce waste and your total cleaning costs by 35% or more.

Treating the Hard to TreatAquaPure: Catalog

这个详细的产品目录给出了AquaPure沉淀剂的概述, coagulants, flocculants and defoamers. The catalog explains the form, use, 列出的每种AquaPure产品的参数和重要技术注释.

Treating the Hard to TreatAquaPure: Industrial WasteWater Treatment

AquaPure是hubard - hall为工业制造商提供的污水处理(WWT)产品的完整产品线. AquaPure的客户还受益于AquaPure的技术团队,他们可以到现场进行污水上门服务.

Treating the Hard to TreatAquaPure: Quick Drop Clay Blends

Hubbard Hall的Aquapure快速滴粘土混合物系列为各种废水应用提供了一步处理. 这些混合物被配制成一个单一的产品,以简化和精简处理,以去除污染物.

Treating the Hard to TreatAquapure® CAL

来自hubard - hall的Aquapure CAL系列稀土化学剂是去除总磷和磷与重金属结合的高效化学剂, oils and grease and fluoride.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanAquastrip: Industrial Paint Stripper

Aquastrip提供一系列有效和经济的油漆剥离产品, powder, CARC and organic coatings. Customers have increased productivity by 22% & saved up to 85% by switching to one our Aquastrip products.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanAqueous Cleaning Solutions

澳门威尼斯人网上赌场提供了一个完整的产品线,更安全,有效的化学特殊重型工业清洗. 在喷涂、浸泡和电清洗操作中,有几种不同基材的选择.

Finishing the Hard to FinishBlack-Magic: Black Oxide Products

Produce a durable black oxide conversion coating on steel, stainless steel and copper alloys with Black-Magic. This product line is not a paint, but a true conversion of the metal surface that will not peel, 在尺寸变化很小或没有变化的情况下剥落或脱落.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanBrass Ammunition Applications

Hubbard-Hall brings value that other chemical suppliers simply can’t. Our experience dates back to before the Civil War, 制定从钮扣到子弹的各种黄铜部件的工艺化学.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanDeep Drawn Aluminum

切换到澳门威尼斯人网上赌场的领先的清洁线,是专门制定清洁深拉铝. Applications include soak, ultrasonic and spray. 我们的化学试剂可减少加工步骤和成本,有时可降低50%.

Finishing the Hard to FinishEmerald Paint-Prep

Emerald Paint-Prep是一系列低温和无磷酸盐转换涂料,提供了一种具有成本效益的磷酸铁替代品.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanEmerald: Safer Alternatives, Sustainable Solutions

哈伯德霍尔的祖母绿产品线提供对地球友好的金属清洗和预处理解决方案. 它们的配方是高效的,但对环境和工人更安全.

Finishing the Hard to FinishHeat Treat Salts

Hubbard-Hall’s heat treating salts are widely used for hardening, annealing, martempering, tempering, and isothermal quenching.


澳门威尼斯人网上赌场成立于1849年,是美国历史最悠久的独立化学品分销商. Hubbard-Hall experts help manufacturers reduce cost, 复杂性和化学品消耗与工艺效率和产品创新. Now in its 6th generation of family leadership under CEO & Chairman, Molly Kellogg. We are a progressive and reliable partner to over 2,300 companies across industries from military to medical devices. 我们的专家可以帮助您在清洁领域(水性或溶剂), metal finishing and wastewater treatment.

Hubbard-Hall Chemistry & Services

With over 556 proprietary chemicals, a long list of distribution commodities and services available, 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场为制造商提供化学和专业知识,以应对当今最严峻的挑战.

Finishing the Hard to FinishHubfos 150

与传统的磷酸铁和许多新的无磷技术相比,Hubfos 150工艺具有优越的耐腐蚀性.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanMass Finishing for Improved Surface Properties

Full line of burnishing, deburring, cleaning, 除鳞和切割质量精加工化合物设计与您的设备和媒体的工作.

Finishing the Hard to FinishMetal Guard 830 Hot Test Fluid

Metal Guard 830 HTF is a water-soluble, 专为当今高性能而设计的热测试流体添加剂, multi-metal, internal combustion engines. Metal Guard 830 HTF的配方可以在传统和合成发动机冷却液中发挥作用,同时对所有内部发动机表面提供卓越的腐蚀.

Finishing the Hard to FinishMetal Guard: Rust Preventatives

精确的耐腐蚀,润滑,干燥和装饰完成为您的应用. 金属防护产品线提供42种防锈变化,具体到您的需求,基于表面类型, duration, exposure and film characteristics required. Formulations of Metal Guard include: solvent, oil, solvent/oil, acrylic/wax emulsions, water-based (aqueous).

Finishing the Hard to FinishMetal Guard™ 900

金属防护900被证明是有效的防止腐蚀在一个简单的步骤. Applied before or after finishing, simply, roll on and wipe off. No equipment or tanks are required.

Metal Processing Guide

查看我们的金属精加工指南,概述了推荐的铝金属精加工化学, copper, brass, stainless steel, steel and zinc.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanMetal Stripping: Industrial Solutions

Download 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场的金属剥离解决方案提高了非电解的效率, 在不冲击基体金属的情况下,快速剥离电镀或化学镀金属的浸泡化学反应.

Finishing the Hard to FinishMi-Tique: Antique Finishing

Through chemical conversion, a variety of metals including copper, brass, bronze, nickel, silver and pewter can be oxidized to produce black, brown and green color patinas.

Military Applications

澳门威尼斯人网上赌场提供了许多产品设计,以满足军事和其他行业的规格. 下载此文档查看我们的各种军用产品规格产品.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanPowder Coating Pretreatment

Specializing in manufacturing chemicals for metal finishing, a wide range of pre-paint treatments are offered for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 我们的技术确保卓越的附着力和耐腐蚀性, covering various processes from soak to spray. Iron phosphate products, available in single-stage up to 7-stage treatments, provide superior bonding and salt spray results. Additionally, 我们独特的锆转化涂层工艺提供了先进的粘合和防腐 treatment, 而我们的无磷酸盐产品提供干燥的聚合物涂层,与随后的面漆交联,以提高附着力和防腐蚀.

Stainless Steel Applications

为不锈钢应用设计的独特化学物质实现最佳光洁度. 从清洁到加工和涂层,澳门威尼斯人网上赌场提供了几种适合您的选择 needs.

Cleaning the Hard to CleanSurface Cleaning

When it comes to manufacturing efficiency, 糟糕的清洁会影响到每一步——从不能持久的表面处理, to increased corrosion, elevated rejection rates and compromised equipment.

Torch Surface Technologies – A Division of Hubbard-Hall

As a leader in the metal processing & 精加工行业,我们生产:清洁剂,润滑剂,防锈剂,锌 & Iron Phosphate Systems & Pre-Paint Treatments used in the Automotive, Appliance & Furniture industries. Other industries serviced include: Aerospace, Military, Food & Beverage, Packaged Raw Materials & Private Label Blending programs. Torch Surface Technologies was acquired by Hubbard-Hall in 2022.